Easy Gulab Jamun|Gulab Jamun with milk powder

After the spicy delicious Prawns roast, here comes some dessert to complete to perfection !

Gulab jamun, a regularly seen dessert for most of the buffets, here you can come up with buffet at your home. Simple as it is to be served.

Gulab jamun

Be sweet and serve sweet to your guests ­čÖé or be the host & guest and serve yourself,

you will enjoy it !

gulab jamun2

Preparation time: 15 min (+ minimum 1 hour of soaking)| makes 8 to 10 gulab jamuns

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Prawns Roast

A weekend, trying for something interesting, a non veg dish, probably something from the sea and atlast it turned to be prawns, yeah, one of my favorite ­čÖé

Sharing a delicious, multipurpose served side dish, though high caloried ­čÖé …. Prawns Roast. Enjoy

prawns roast

Preparation time: 20 min | serves : 2

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Besan Sev

After the Diwali specials, here is something for you to snack till I get back with something big

A Savory snack for you to enjoy your evenings with friends and family. A cup of tea and some hot topics to discuss, it is really gonna give you a classy evening.

Try it and share it !

Besan sev

Preparation time: 30 min | makes : 2 cups

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