Prawns Roast

A weekend, trying for something interesting, a non veg dish, probably something from the sea and atlast it turned to be prawns, yeah, one of my favorite 🙂

Sharing a delicious, multipurpose served side dish, though high caloried 🙂 …. Prawns Roast. Enjoy

prawns roast

Preparation time: 20 min | serves : 2

Prawns roast 3


Prawns –  20 or 25 (medium size)

Onion   – 2 chopped

Green chilli – 2 sliced

Tomato – 1 chopped

Ginger – 1 inch piece

Garlic – 6 cloves

Red chilli powder – 1 tsp

Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp

Salt   – as required

Vinegar   – 1 tsp

Pepper – 1 tsp

Garam masala – 3/4 tsp

Mustard seed – 1 tsp

Oil – 1 tbsp

Curry leaves and coriander leaves

Prawns roast 2


  • Clean and wash prawns and keep aside.
  • Heat oil in a pan and splutter the mustard seeds
  • Add onion into it and saute until it turns to golden brown color.

Prawns roast 4

  • Add chopped ginger and garlic, Then add green chilies.
  • When it raw smell disappears add tomatoes and cook it for few minutes.
  • Add chilli powder, turmeric powder and pepper then mix it well.

prawns roast1

  • Add prawns into it with vinegar , salt , curry leaves and garam masala.
  • Close the pan for atleast 5 minutes until the prawns get cooked.
  • Finally Sprinkle  coriander leaves and serve .


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