Prawns Roast

A weekend, trying for something interesting, a non veg dish, probably something from the sea and atlast it turned to be prawns, yeah, one of my favorite šŸ™‚

Sharing a delicious, multipurpose served side dish, though high caloried šŸ™‚ …. Prawns Roast. Enjoy

prawns roast

Preparation time: 20Ā min | servesĀ : 2

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Tomato Chutney


Tomato chutney is so easy to make,Ā you can just change the taste a bit by altering the proportions of onion and tomato. IĀ have not tempered the chutney towards the end, but just toĀ make it more flavorsome you can temper with mustard seeds, dry red chilies and curry leaves. but there is really no need, as the chutney tastes good even without tempering.

Preparation time: 2oĀ min | Serves 3

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Potato cashew curry

Simple and quick side dish for chapathi, roti andĀ even for pulav.

Potato cashew curry

Preparation time: 20 minutesĀ | ServesĀ 4

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